Peter Hathaway Capstick was a businessman from New Jersey who decided that his life would be beter spent as a professional hunting guide, so he proceeded to become one, first in South America then in Africa.

He wrote several books, articles, and short stories about his life and experiences, most centering around Africa. For stories with names like _ Death in the Long Grass _ (the first book) they are surprisingly funny.

Like any true sportsman he showed an amazing respect for the animals he hunted. He portrays a world that most of us will never get to see in a way that covers everything from Elephants to Snail Flukes.

He also wrote biographies of men like Colonel Richard Meinertzhagen and John Howard “Pondoro” Taylor which lay out the world of the English colonization of Africa in a more personal way than you normally see.

He died a few years ago peacefully in his sleep, quite an accomplishment for a man who spent a signifigant portion of his life chasing animals which regularly kill and/or eat people.

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