Pert Plus makes a great bathtub cleaner!

I learned this at camp when we entered the house we'd be staying at for two months. The house wasn't dirty, just dusty as it was seldom used by anyone anymore. The bathtubs were kind of grimy and we had little money or time to go into town to get detergent that would clean sinks and such, so someone suggested we use shampoo.

Pert Plus was donated and it not only got rid of the dirt but it brightened the colour of the porcelain where we let it sit for a few minutes. It worked better than I've ever seen Mr. Clean come halfway close to.

And then we thought... We put this on our heads..?
Pert Plus is, arguably, the "guy shampoo".

Most guys don't really know what conditioner is, or why they might need it, and that uncertainty makes them nervous, so they cover their bases by using this "Shampoo plus Conditioner" 2-in-1 miracle product. It smells decent, they clearly mark different versions for "fine or oily hair", "'normal' hair", and "dry or damaged hair", and it generally seems to do a good job of getting hair clean.

One note of caution; I cannot track down where I heard this phrase of warning, but I have always heeded it to the utmost:

"Pert Is Not A Lube"

There is an associated tale of a young man who thought the green stuff would aid in masturbation, and he lived to regret putting a fairly powerful chemical cleaner on his sensitive parts.

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