Perspicacity!—found at—is the internet home of a webcomic, an online novel, and some other neat games and trinkets. It is run by Andrew Baillie, who bills himself as an amateur game designer. He also runs the Twitter account: @Perspicacity1.

The webcomic is called Apple & Kiwi, and it features two dudes (named Apple and Kiwi) that have random adventures, along with a huge (about 15 or so) cast of supporting characters. There's not that much in terms of a sense-making plot connecting one story arc to the next, and the art style may leave something to be desired, but the humour is more than decent, the adventures are pretty adventurey, the non-sequitur style is done well, and there are plenty of cute/endearing/amazing/downright epic moments making it worth a read. Also, the writer is a master of the sly callback, which adds to the "OH DAMN DID HE JUST ACTUALLY" factor. Updates M-W-F.

The novel-in-progess, I Have Stabbed the World in its Heart, begins with a scene of cryptic regicide. Then, it expounds upon the tale of Mars, a down-on-his-luck alchemist at the National University of Albion, and his friends. At the same time, the reader is introduced to Captain James Hesse, a shipwrecked sea captain desperate to get off of Goldfist Island. The story then follows their separate adventures, which are destined to meet and become intertwined. It's some fairly interesting fiction. A new chapter is added every fortnight.

There also some little executables and flash games under the Games tab. They're all pretty small ventures, but as with everything else on the site, they're worth a look.

That actually describes the whole site pretty nicely: "well worth a look". Production values are not through the roof, presumably because there's no budget to work off of, but much of the content is genius, and definitely worth the time it takes to read it, as far as enjoyment goes.

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