Esperanto-language rock group from Sweden. The name can be interpreted as meaning either "personally" or "with sound". Persone currently consists of:

The membership of the band has changed several times since its inception. Borje Lund originally founded it with Martin, Bertilo, and Per Ola Axelsson to play a single concert at the KEF (Cultural Esperanto Festival) in 1986. That concert was such a success, however, that they decided to continue, touring Poland and putting out their first album, 62 minutoj, the next year.

In 1988, Benedikte Weinreich joined the band and shortly thereafter Per Ola left. The new group played at the IJK (International Youth Congress) and KEF of that year, after which Benedikte left as well. The three remaining members played at the next IJK.

In 1989, Borje decided to leave the band, but Martin and Bertilo just couldn't stop. While taking a course in rock music, Martin found the perfect new member, Anders Grop. Anders did not speak Esperanto at the time, but was more than willing to learn it in order to join the group.

In 1994 Persone was asked to do a concert at a festival put together by the Stockholm Esperanto clubs. Because the location didn't allow for their usual electric setup, they decided to experiment with an acoustic style, which they have been developing alongside their electric sound ever since.



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