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To, like, bomb the world with love.
If it was love which made me fall for you...then I am a twenty kilotonne nuclear warhead aimed for the Hiroshima of your heart, baby.
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September 19, 2006
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PersianLoveBomb is simply a mask I wore to the ball. Underneath this plastic and paper, I but a man of flesh and bone.

E.B. White once said, "Writing is both mask and unveiling."

The Krag War: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
Falling - A Story About Love: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

Some Memorable Comments

jessicapierce says whoever you are, you're very sneaky. I like sneaky.

Advocatus Angelicus says I've got it, your Ray Bradbury. somone said hey I know a cool place its called e2, you can totaly win writing competitions hands down. yeah lets go humiliate some folks over the internet. its what professional sci fi authours do for fun init? ;) in other words I like that thing you wrote!

IWhoSawTheFace says re September 11, 2006: TELENY. You meatball. I love you. *slap* I hate you *slap* I love you I hate you I love you I hate you...

TenMinJoe says That you, Karen?
TenMinJoe says tooooo easy :-P

Matthew says love the nickname and the motto, duder.

ianah0 says re August 31, 2006: I feel your pain...but I have to say...your violence was out of line and over the top. Hitting people is not a solution. Unless you are Donald Rumsfeld.

etouffee says re: daylog-couch with Anna

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