Perhaps you would like to meet your evil twin! Yes, it's true! I realize this must come as quite a shock to you, my persistent robotic adversary, but the reasons behind your creation were not entirely benign!

While it's true that many within the World Health Organization saw the technology behind you as a tool for peace and prosperity, others on the team (myself included, as it can finally be revealed!) realized the true potential of your powers. Surely a creature so effective at building and helping could be equally effective at destruction and domination! So at night, Professor Quigley and I worked on your twin, using the same processes used in your creation. Only the weapons were made stronger, the shields were made more durable, and the chip inside his head was made to respond to our commands only! I had to eliminate Quigley when it became apparent that he might attempt to wrest some power from my New World Order. Thus, your twin, the most lethal weapon ever created, responds to my voice alone!

So Robotor, meet your brother! Anti-Robotor, ATTACK!

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