So, you have an office party or family get together coming up, or perhaps you just want to linger in Christmas joy a little longer? Then this is the treat for you! It's fairly easy to make, and wonderfully scrumptious to eat!

What you need:
two boxes of semi-sweet chocolate cooking bars
one and a half boxes of semi-sweet white chocolate cooking bars
one bag of peppermint hard candies, or all the left over candy canes you have from Christmas
two microwave safe bowls
two bowls for mixing (small - medium)
two spoons (doesn't matter what kind or size)
wax paper
plastic wrap
one cookie sheet
rolling pin (or if you don't have one a heavy cup will do)

Step One: Breaking up the Peppermint
First things first. Unwrap all of the peppermint candies or the candy canes. Put some of the wax paper on the table top or counter top and place the unwrapped candy on it. Fold the wax paper over the candy so it's completely covered. Using the rolling pin or the cup smash the hell out of the candies. (Warning: Don't go too berserk or you will end up with peppermint powder and you want chunks. Normally if you smack them once quickly and randomly they'll crack into the perfect size beautifully.) Once you have your peppermint all broken up try to get as much of the powder that is present out and throw it away. Then place the broken pieces off to the side for later use.

Step Two: Melting the Chocolate Goodness
Get out those two bowls. In one bowl place the white chocolate squares (yes, unwrap them first you don't want to blow up your microwave with the little aluminum wrappings), in the other place the dark chocolate (unwrapped) squares. The timing of the melting process varies from microwave to microwave. I tend to do about 15 secs at full power. (Warning: Just because the squares don't look melted doesn't mean they aren't hot enough. Stir them with their respective spoons, generally they'll melt completely when you do this.) Once they are all melted return to your counter/table top.

Step Three: Mix It All Together and You Shake It All Around
Well I don't recommend shaking..but there will be some mixing involved here. Pour half the dark chocolate into another bowl. Do the same with the white chocolate. At this point you will have four bowls of chocolate numminess, please don't stuck your fingers in it or dip your paint brushes in it, this isn't for wild sex games. (Although I recommend you try that sometime..) Set one bowl of each chocolate aside for now. With the two bowls you have slowly mix the broken up peppermint into each bowl. Don't dump it all in, or you'll end up with chocolate covered peppermint, not a creamy mix of chocolate and peppermint. Once you have your desired amount of peppermint in each set this aside.

Step Four: Spread, Drizzle and Done
Line your cookie sheet with the plastic wrap leaving some hanging over the edges, this step keeps the chocolate from sticking to your pan. After you have it lined, pour the white chocolate peppermint mix in one half, and the other chocolate and peppermint mix in the other half. Use your spoons to spread it out as much as you can, let the two chocolates touch but try not to let them mix together. Once you've done this get out those other two bowls of chocolate. You're going to drizzle the dark chocolate on the white, and the white on the dark. Make pretty swirls, have fun. If you have enough you can use some of this chocolate to fill in around the edges. After it's all drizzled and filled you are done (except of course for the clean-up process). Simply stick the pan in the refrigerator and in a few hours it will be solid.

Once it's all cold and solid, remove it from the pan. You should be able to pick it up in a solid mass by the plastic wrap hanging over the edges. Break it up however you want and eat, eat, eat!

This recipe was passed on to me from a boss years ago.

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