Me. I'm going to hell.

I'm a semi-practicing Catholic but had a bit of fun with a fellow meat-bag last weekend, and it was good, but then I didn't confess to a priest. So if I get hit by a truck this afternoon, it'll be straight downstairs, no passing go, no stint in the purg. Eventually I'll go to confession, whereupon if I do my penance (most times for me it's an entire rosary), I will be returned to a state of grace. At that point all will be well, and I will not have to worry about dying, or going to hell, for as long as it takes me to commit a venal sin again (usually about a week).

Drawing petty satisfaction from the thought of people (even nasty people who inconvenience you) suffering eternal damnation seems counterintuitive to me, for two reasons:

  1. If you derive comfort from the idea of others going to the devil then IMOHO you are being just as petty and slavish as the average southern-fried bible-basher. For more commentary along this line refer to Nietzsche's ideas on bad conscience.
  2. If you believe in hell enough for the thought of hell to make you feel any way at all -- scared, guilty, chastened OR happy -- you perhaps ought to start wondering where you might wind up.

But that's just my religious nut side talking. Hey, if the Vandals said it was okay, then it's okay.

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