Just now, as I ate lunch in one of my school's fine eateries, I was once again confounded by how blatantly idiotic people can be.

I was sitting peacefully at my usual solitary table in the back of the room enjoying the warmth from a freshly thawed chicken sandwich. This pleasant mood was abruptly interrupted by a slamming door and the curse laden mutterings of an impatient Bastard. He was urging along another, Oriental, man carrying what appeared to be a heavy box with loving sentiments like "you fucking slow sonofabitch" and repeated utterances of the word "stupid". The man with the box lowered his head and forced himself to speed through the door of the freezing loading dock. Upon entering the dock, the door was left open and I could hear the Bastard continuing to heap punishment on his fellow worker. Eventually, the Oriental man left alone and, as he walked away, I could read the barely contained emotions of anger and sadness upon his face.

Cases like these make me wonder exactly why some people can be so unnecessarily cruel. There was no need to treat the Oriental man like an ignorant slave. Is it so hard for others like the Bastard to understand that just because someone's first language isn't English does not mean they are stupid? A failure to comprehend this simple idea seems to imply more stupidity on his part. I've had to deal with this where I work, and have seen it done to my co-workers. However, when I speak and the discriminating party discovers that I can express myself fluidly they stop treating me this way. I just wish that people would be able to treat others with equal respect before words are even spoken. Is that so much to ask for?

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