No, not sex with hobos.

As I've mentioned in a few other nodes, my "job" is tech support for college students that live in the dorms here at school. My job requires me to walk out to these people's houses, into their bedrooms and work on their computers. Tonight, standing in one young lady's room, I was struck with the absurdity/beauty/intimacy of it all. Most of the people whom I help wouldn't give me the time of day on a regular basis, let alone allow me into their rooms.

Standing in her room, waiting for her to finish fixing her dinner so I could show her how to use her CD burner, my eyes roamed around her living space, soaking up little bits of this woman. She has lots of friends, likes asian food, enjoys trance and house, doesn't know how to decorate.

Every home I come into is like this, every computer I fix is a reflection of the person I'm dealing with. People, on the whole, frighten and confuse me. It's calming to know that, although there are a number of gross, trash filled rooms littered with drug paraphanalia and smelling of pot, there are an even larger number of rooms occupied by calm, rational people with healthy relationships, good taste, and a rewarding life.

Life is exhausting, and moments of transient intimacy make it possible to take a step back and appreciate the bigger picture.

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