A penalty shot is awarded to an offensive player who - on a breakaway - is illegally checked or impeded. The puck is placed at the center face-off spot, and the player has a free try at the opposing goal with no other defenders on the ice besides the goalie.

From the goalie's perspective, it's a chance to be either the hero or the goat. See the quote under goalie.

It's just you and the chosen player from the other team, who may not have to be the one who suffered the infraction, depending on the nature of the call. So you might face their superstar player, such as Jaromir Jagr.

The enemy player steams down on you from center ice. He (or she) will try the head fake or the shoulder fake. Stay calm. Wait 'em out. If they come in too close, and they will, they're yours. They'll try to go top shelf from in close, or pick a low corner. They almost never go five-hole. Stay cool, watch the eyes.

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