A pen(is)-shaped device that a woman can use to urinate standing up. It is placed inside the labia majora and creates a sort of mini vacuum-seal over the urethra, much like a suction cup. Urine exits the urethra and shoots down the shaft of the Pee Shooter and out the front nozzle. If the woman gets a tight enough seal, she may not have to wipe; if she does it wrong there will probably be a bit of a mess.

I can't find the URL for the Pee Shooter any more but a similar product, the Travel Mate, can be found here: http://www.travelmateinfo.com (Actually, based on the URLs I followed to get there, it might be the same product.)

It is also possible for a woman to use her finger to draw the vulva (and therefore the urethra) forward, but this doesn't work well for women who have been pregnant, have split streams, low flow rate, or bad aim.

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