Made by the Ross Products divison of Abbot Laboratories, this is similar to sports drinks (like Gatorade) but designed for young children. It's supposed to be given to kids to replenish nutrients lost due to diarrhea or vomiting. It contains electrolytes and other minerals in addition to needed water. It comes in several flavors such as bubble gum, grape, cherry, and others, as well as an unflavored version

Pedialyte also comes in popsicles, to make it easier to give to toddlers, who frequently refuse to do anything you tell them to (so they are less likely to obey a command to drink from a cup when they are not in the mood).

Pedialyte pops are also good for you after a hard night of raving. Ravers lose a lot of body fluids and must replenish not only the fluid but the electrolytes that are sweated out, too. If you have been up all night dancing in a hot room, (and possibly - OK, probably doing e), your body needs a little more than just water.

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