Pazaak is a card game found in BioWare's Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and Obsidian's Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. It's bears some resemblance to blackjack, but the player has more control over the value of his or her hand.

The object of Pazaak is to accrue 20 points without going over. Pazaak is a strictly two-player game, and it is usually wagered on. A player may possess as many Pazaak cards as he or she wishes, but only ten can be taken into a match. These ten cards are referred to as the player's side deck. Of the ten cards in a player's side deck, four are selected at random for use during the game. Side deck cards have a value from between -6 and +6. Some cards can be used as either a positive or negative number; their value is ±1 through ±6.

Each player's four cards from his or her side deck are only usable once. Players take turns drawing a card from the main deck (four cards each, numbered one through ten). After a card is drawn, the player has three choices.

  1. Play one of the cards from the side hand. Blue cards are added to your total. Red cards are deducted from it. ± cards can be used as either.

  2. End the turn. Ending the turn guarantees that another card will be drawn the following turn.

  3. Stand. Standing means that the player is satisfied with the total. No additional cards will be drawn and no cards can be played from the side deck.

A game of Pazaak is over when one player has won three sets. No points are awarded to either player in the event of a tie so a Pazaak match could, in theory, go on forever. Also, just because this is in a video game doesn't mean that you can cheat. The game monitors your saves, and if you save and reload after losing, the NPCs will stop playing with you, and they will call you a cheater.

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