One of the pavilions of the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, it acts as the general administration building, where one can find the university's chancellor and vice-chancellor, the personnel department, the secretary general, the registrar's office, and the university foundation offices. The main floor also serves as the home for the the pulp and paper research centre.

Despite the great number of services provided at this pavilion, one very rarely finds any students there. It is filled with paper pushers, and researchers. If, however, you get the chance to sign a contract for work within the university, this is the place you will be directed to fill in the appropriate forms.

Aside from the lack of student traffic, the building itself is distinguished by an observatory on the roof, a beautiful spiral stair, and large piles of woodchips all about the exterior of the building.

Surprising though it may seem, the pavilion is named after one Pierre Boucher, who lived and died some three hundred-odd years ago.

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