Paul Riekert is the enigmatic face, and the creator of the weird sounds of the industrial rock, cult band, battery 9.

A talented vocalist, bass guitarist and song-writer, he has a disturbing habit of using electric DIY tools as musical instruments.

An interview with him:

Date of Birth: 1 August, 1968
Place: Potchefstroom, South Africa
Star Sign: Leo
Favourite food: Indian
Favourite colour: Black of course
Pets: None whatsoever
When did you start playing music: When I was about 4.
What do you prefer, playing guitar or the electric drill? Depends on the guitar or the drill.
Worst personal habit: Jumping the queue.
Most admirable trait: The thickness of my skin.
Physical fitness: Can you do one-arm push-ups?Jumping the queue.
Yes. Not too many though.
If you were a lab rat, what would they be experimenting on you for? The effect of bourbon on the brain's level of dopamine secretion.
Other languages: Other than Afrikaans and English? None.
Shaken or stirred? Neat.
When were you last trapped in the bathroom? When the good lord was willin' and the creek didn't rise.
Who shaves your head? I do.
Can you do mental arithmetic? A bit.
Quick, what is 64 times 3? 192, but it wasn't that quick.
Best gig: Most of them.
Favourite celebrity: Tom Waits
Most famous person you've met: I don't really go for that sort of thing.
Worst joke you've ever heard? Any joke that goes "...and on the third day, he/she went to the...." somewhere.
Favourite South African band: Salvation Army Brass Band
Last book read: The Hip-Hop Years - Ogg/Upshal
Favourite movie: "Meet the Feebles" - Peter Jackson, "Amarcord" - Fellini
Last movie seen? Cronos
TV programme : 50/50, still The Simpsons
Quote: "May the wors be with you."

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