In Kabbalah a Partzuf defines a state in which the ten sefirot are arranged one under another. It is a spiritual configuration. A Partzuf emerges due to the rise of Malchut to the Creator, in a process called Raising MAN. It consists of a Rosh (Head), Peh (Mouth), Sof (Nothing), Toch (Inside), Tabur (Navel), and Sium (end).

The qualitative mechanism that affects the Partzuf is the Masach de Guf. Depending on its level of Kashiut and Aviut, the Partzuf receives differing amounts of Ohr Makif within its Toch. When the Ohr Makif penetrates the Toch, it becomes Ohr Pnimi.

Any Partzuf has five kinds of Ohr - Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light), Ohr Pnimi (Inner Light), Ohr Yashar (Direct Light), Ohr Hozer (Returning Light), and Ohr Hassadim (Reflected Light). The Ohr Yashar descends and strikes the Masach. This results in a zivug and as a result it allows a part of the Ohr Yashar to enter Olam HaTzimTzum (The World of Restriction). The Aviut and Kashiut of the Masach control the amount which can enter this world and become Ohr Pnimi.

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