Inasmuch as the word fetish has deviated from its original meaning (that being a part of the anatomy imbued with magical powers, especially in the realm of the unnecessarily sexy) to apply to such distinctly extra-bodily (that is, originating from outside the body, not necessarily not entering it) items as PVC, ball gags, whipped cream or poodles, the domain of mystical, enigmatic or uncanny attractions to specific body parts has been moved to the realm of partialism.

Repeat after me: I have a castanet fetish; I am an elbow partialist.
I have a tootsie pop fetish; I am a navel partialist.
I have a pinecone fetish; I am a uvula partialist.

Very good.

Par"tial*ist n.


One who is partial.


2. Theol.

One who holds that the atonement was made only for a part of mankind, that is, for the elect.


© Webster 1913.

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