The beginning

At the edge of time, before the assignment of the first name, even before the existence of magic, the Universe found Itself restless. It dreamed fifteen dreams, and It discovered that while some dreams are fun and bright and inspiring, others can be bleak or meaningless, and still others represent the powers of un-light and un-being, or rather: they un-represent those powers, for how can one shed light on that which opposes light?

To get over Its initial confusion, and also by way of experiment, the Universe decided to separate the dreams into three groups. The seven bright dreams were given a body of light, and they grew into the Seven Gods of Good -- who will soon go off to create our world, as we will find out in a moment. The dark dreams were given a body of un-light and they evolved into the Three Gods of Un-Good, one even more faceless than the other. The remaining five dreams did not seem particularly interesting to the Universe, so It simply ignored them and left them to float around independently, as Gods of Neither-Nor.

The Universe looked at Its bright dreams and smiled, which, I hope you will appreciate, is quite an achievement for a Universe. The sight of the Good inspired the Universe to create the seven colors of the rainbow, each of which was assigned to one of the Gods as a name. Those were the first names ever given to anybody.

But then the Universe moved its focus to the three dark dreams; the sight turned Its cosmic stomach, and without a warning It belched out a vomitous variety of demons, spirits and spooks who joined the ranks of the Three, and will later participate in all their destructive activities. With great sadness, the Universe watched how the Dark Gods and their new minions started spreading Un-Life through Its internal vastness, and It retreated into the background, deciding not to have part in this craziness any longer.

This pessimistic retreat of the Universe is the cause of all chaos, for if the Context itself stops caring about the future, then how can its inhabitants do so? But note, careful reader, that even though the Three of Un-Good have now received a nauseatingly huge army of filthy creatures, the Seven of Good have all received a name, which will prove to be much more important. Without giving away the ending, let me simply remark that the Three have always remained nameless and faceless, which of course fits their general "Un" philosophy just fine.

The Seven decided to build themselves a home, where they would live their shiny happy lives in lovely castles sprinkled randomly with the obligatory spires and turrets with golden rooftops. They intended from the start to share their home with other creatures. And thus it came to pass that Bryg-li, first of the Seven, spoke the word "Life" for the first time, and made Life come into existence in both its infinite and finite forms. Bryg-li became the God of the Red Life, the blood that finds its path through our veins, the egg that lodges a new soul, the seed that wraps a fresh young tree.

Then Parg-yr, second of the Seven, using only her hands, crafted a huge disk from the finest gold, and embedded the red life deep within its every molecule and particle. This golden disk is the very object on which you and I live, the world to which we have given Her name: Parg-yr, goddess of the Golden Earth.

Kas-ri, third of the Seven, the most tender and silent of them all, breathed the red life into her thoughts and dreams, just as the Universe Itself had once done, and thus created the animals. To this day, she understands all their languages, from the chittering of the dolphins to the deep majestic growl of the lion. And even though she converses very little with the other gods, she knows everything that happens on the golden disk, since the eagles are her eyes, the deer her ears, the wolves her nose, and the tiniest insects her spies.

The animals settled on the golden disk of Parg-yr, but they could not find any food and started to starve, which sent pains through the heart of gentle Kas-ri. A solution was proposed by En-yr, fourth of the Seven, the Green Mother, who whispered a soft song over the golden disk, turning it green with grass and trees. The animals nibbled the leaves and mowed the grass with their teeth, so you can figure out that their hunger soon belonged to the past. But they became thirsty and again they started to die. Being the Gods of Good, the heavenly Seven immediately called a meeting and again, thank the Universe, they found a solution. Za-li, the fifth, made a powerful stream of Blue Water flow from his hands, and skillfully directed it across and around the golden disk, where it now forms our rivers and lakes, and the oceans that surround all the lands until the edge of the world.

The animals had plenty of water and food now, so you would have expected them to be happy and thankful. But this time they started suffering from a deeper and darker threat, one less easy to answer to: they started suffering from the subtle and all-eroding emotion we all know as "fear". Looking up from the golden disk into the black void which is the Universe's belly, they saw the ghosts and spooks of the Three of Un-light flying about in their insane soundless dance, and this frankly scared the very spirit out of Kas-ri's unfortunate creatures.

Vren-ku, sixth of the Seven, understood that the animals could not be helped by physical means, but only by putting rest in their minds and bravery in their hearts. So he crafted with his hands a huge bubble of crystal, which he placed around the world. The crystal sky-bubble encapsulated the entire disk and its inhabitants, guarding them safely from the minions of Un-light. He blew his Indigo breath over one side of the bubble to make it more cheery and colorful, but he left the other side transparent so that the animals could sleep at night. The sky-bubble still revolves around our world to this day, and it still protects us from the evils of the out-there. And as it revolves, the brightness of day and the scary dark silence of night take turns watching over us, each in their own eternal way.

The final of the Seven, never really called the Seventh since he has always been somewhat of an outsider, goes by the name of El-ron. He constructed a mountain of deep purple rocks and stones, which he placed under the golden disk to support it. Parg-yr's disk floats in Za-li's circle-ocean which lies in the crater of El-ron's mountain. The whole construction is surrounded by the slowly rotating crystal sphere of Vren-ku.

Red life, golden earth, yellow animals, green plants, blue water, indigo sky, and violet stone. The Seven have indeed created a marvelous home for us all.

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