There. You see it. Whether you know it or not...whether you like it or not. It's right there. Just inside the corona of your fragile and fetal awareness...Can you see it? I mean,...can you really see it? I hope so, because I understand that it's there, but I can't quite make it out from here. It would help a lot if you could describe it to me. I would really appreciate it. But I have a request...O don't worry, it's not hard. It's just...just...would you please be honest when you describe it? I know it might be silly, but you must promise me. For then how were I to know if you had described a bird rather than a bear; a boar instead of a bee? You must understand,...I cannot bear it much longer, this inability to see what you see before you. You must tell me! Describe every detail! Every color, every scent, every touch and taste! I must know. Please. Be honest...and tell me the Truth.

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