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To understand reality for what it actually is and be capable of effectively expressing my observations in such a way as to fascilitate our continuing evolution towards the Omega point.
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you think, therefore I am
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37 yr male human living on a farm in the San Juaquin Valley of central California...

Musician(rock, mostly), writer(science fiction, mostly), chef (California cuisine, mostly), husband and farmhand, not necessarily in that order...

Born and raised in Fresno, CA. with a sister and my original, still-married birth parents from 31/32 Caucasian stock (Danish, mostly), the other 1/32 coming from some incident in the past when (apparently) one of my ancestors copulated with one of the noble indigenous people of this continent, effectively rendering me and my contemporary clan (on my mother's side) 1/32 Native American. The details are fuzzy (who, when, what tribe, etc.) and the meaning even more so. It is my contention that one of my ancestors quite possibly raped another one of my ancestors, though I hope this is not so. It matters little in any case. They are dust now, as will be I someday...

more information forthcoming....