Manis pentadactyla

This animal is a cross between an anteater and an armadillo. It has a 58 cm head and body and 45 cm tail. Females as a rule are smaller than males. The pangolin is a nocturnal mammal whose meat is eaten as great delicacy by hill tribes. It has a lot of fat on its body and hard scales. The Pangolin gives live birth. It takes about 5 months before the new baby is born. One of the most unusual parts of this animal is the really long tongue.

The pangolin is a mammal like a dog or a cat. This animal will climb trees to get insects to eat. Most pangolins spend most of their time in trees, and some are good swimmers. When a pangolin is threatened, it will roll up into a ball and not even large predators can uncoil them.

The scaly ant eater is listed as an endangered species.

The name of an Orlando based laser effects company.

Pangolin manufactures PC-based interface boards such as the QM2000 to operate show and entertainment lasers, all utilizing a standard Windows-basedPC. The software can be quite complicated or quite simple, depending on how it is set up...i.e. an operator with years of experience can configure it so a newbie can do cool laser shows by merely hitting F1 through F12 or other keystrokes.

Compared to other software, such as Lasermax, Pangolin systems are quite intuitive though.

One nifty feature of the latest release of the Pangolin software pacakge (consisting of Showtime 2000 and Laser Designer 2000) is they include a version of Asteroids, which can be played using the laser as a gigantic display system.

Pan"go*lin (?), n. [Malay panglang.] Zool.

Any one of several species of Manis, Pholidotus, and related genera, found in Africa and Asia. They are covered with imbricated scales, and feed upon ants. Called also scaly ant-eater.


© Webster 1913.

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