Pandeism Fish's roasted fruit recipe

So lately I've been working on roasted fruit recipes, and my friends have been very complimentary, so I thought I'd share the most successful formula on the Internet for all to enjoy.


two peaches (or plums)
two apples (or pears)
two tablespoons of raisins
a tablespoon of butter
a teaspoon each of honey and maple syrup
a pinch or two of cinnamon or powdered sugar (or both)
four scoops of vanilla ice cream


1) heat oven to 400 degrees
2) poke holes in the peach and apple skins at half-inch intervals or so with a fork - this keeps the skin from getting peely -- or just skin the fruit if you want, but leaving the skin on makes for a nice mix of textures 3) slice the peaches and apples into eight even slices, removing the cores or pits
4) grease an eight inch roasting pan (I usually use Pam, because its handy) and lay the peach and apple slices in the pan
5) sprinkle the fruit with the pinch of cinnamon or powdered suger (I use both), and add the tablespoon of butter
6) Put the pan in the oven for ten minutes
7) While the pan is in the oven, soak the raisins in hot water (tap water will do), after a few minutes, drain the water and you can also sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon on the raisins
8) at the ten minute mark, take the pan out to stir and turn the fruit
9) at this point, add the raisins to the mix, and pour in those teaspoons of honey and maple syrup
10) return to the oven to cook for ten more minutes
11) remove from the oven and dollop over the ice cream with a spoon (best to use a wooden serving spoon)
12) make sure to pour the juices from the pan onto the ice cream too -- the butter, honey, and maple syrup mix in the pan with the fruit juices and make a great sauce

Serves four, and that's all there is to it!!

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