PalmAmp is a remote control for Winamp on your Palm. I did not write it (though I wish I did), I am merely a happy user.

It comes in two parts,

  1. A Winamp plug-in
  2. A Palm application
The plug-in lets you chose a COM port (so no reason you couldn't use an IR port) and is cunning enough to switch off Hotsync manager when in use.

The palm application is installed onto your Palm Pilot, and lets you

  • Change volume
  • Skip forward, back, pause, stop, play
  • Use hardware buttons as well as the screen to do the above
  • Select a track from the playlist
  • Configure the equalizer
  • Read the ID3 information of the current track
This is not an exhaustive list, just the most important features to me.

Why is it cool?
Firstly, there is the geek factor. Being able to control your mp3 listening using your palm pilot has to be cool.
Secondly, this could be really useful. It saves having to switch applications just to pause a song or turn it down. Winamp can be minimized forever. Hurrah. If I ever put an old PC in the boot of my car, (one day I will do this, I swear), this would be a nice user interface.

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