The Pallas' cat (Felis manul), named after Peter Pallas, a naturalist who specialized in Russian wildlife, is found from Iran to China and southeast Siberia. It has a squashed-looking face, ears on the sides of its head rather than the top like most felines, large eyes, and the thickest, densest fur of any cat species. This is a good adaptation for its cold, inhospitable habitats -- the deserts, steppes, and mountains of central Asia, up to 13,000 feet. Its feet have fur, its belly has long fur, its tail can be wrapped around its feet for warmth; this cat is insulated (and hunted for that luxurious red-gray coat). It only weighs around 6 pounds but looks bigger due to the fur. The ears' placement allows the Pallas' cat to look over rocks without being spotted by its prey: birds, marmots, pikas, hares, and ground squirrels. It also is able to squeeze into rock crevices for protection from predators.

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