An Australian icon. Basically a flea market selling the usual junk and cheap novelty items, but also coupled with a large fruit and vegetable market. All mixed together.

"Paddy's" was set up in any spot that would take it. Considering the large number of vendor stalls, and thus the huge size it takes up, only a few places were suitable. Previous examples were old railway construction sheds, like those at what is now the Australian Technology Park, disused warehouses (after a brief reconditioning), and old unused market spaces, all reclaimed.

Paddys floated around without a permanent home until the distribution warehouses in Flemington in inner western Sydney became available. The success was HUGE, and allowed "Paddy's" to establish another legal home in its other main location, a disused warehouse area in the CBD, next to, amazingly, the Entertainment Centre.

4 1/2 years ago, this area was refurbished and a large scale shopping center was erected on the site of Paddy's market. But unlike everyones expectation, the developers put in a dedicated area, in the lower ground area, over to Paddy's and now has a 99 year lease from them. So Paddy's is going strong!

Lately a new competitor has sprung up, way out west in Sydney, called Parklea Markets, situated in Parklea, a go-nowhere suburb so far west as to be unaccessible.

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