PXE Roulette - "Every boot a new adventure"

The idea for this was originally an O'Week prank that would be just as suitable for April Fool's Day, or just any day of the year if you happen to be a prankster. Someone got somewhat frustrated with every incomplete solution to a problem that they couldn't find a single OS to solve properly, and I mostly-jokingly suggested they set up a multi-boot setup. My immediately next thought was to go one step further than just have the ability to boot multiple operating systems, but to have the operating system to be booted randomly selected at each boot. Sure, this is simple enough to get GRUB or LILO to do. This then led pretty quickly to "Well, if you're gonna do it to one machine, why not an entire room." The tagline here prompted further thought. Why not set up a text-based adventure game on a netboot server, and drop people into random points in it every time they start their workstation?

This idea is awaiting implementation. If anyone gets it happening, please /msg me. Unfortunately I no longer have a room of computers to do this sort of thing to.

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