A non-extant German synthesizer company started by Wolfgang Palm to market his wavetable synthesizers.

PPG is also a sports abbreviation for both points per game (in basketball) and power play goals (in ice hockey).

The NBA (pro basketball) career record for PPG (regular season only) is held by Michael Jordan, with 31.5.
The single-season record was set by Wilt Chamberlain, with a remarkable 50.4 ppg in 1961-1962 (Chamberlain ended up with "only" 30.1 ppg over his career).

In the NHL (hockey), Phil Esposito holds the career mark for ppg's with 249 (interestingly, Wayne Gretzky "only" had 204).
Tim Kerr holds the single-season power play goal mark, with 34 for the 1985-1986 Philadelphia Flyers (a stat which was way too difficult to find...).

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