Primanti Brothers is a restaurant chain throughout Pittsburgh. One is in the Strip District, one at PPG, another in PNC Park, plus another in the South Hills.
The restaurant is probably my most favorite place in the world. It just screams Pittsburgh. The entire menu is sandwiches. Sounds a little bland, but they are great. Each sandwich is some sort of meat or egg and cheese. On top of that there is coleslaw, tomato, and french fries. The workers seem to define what Pittsburghers are. They speak in the infamous Pittsburgeese.

There is also one on Forbes Avenue near Pitt and CMU. The one in the Strip District is generally considered the best one, though. If you sit at the counter, they make the sandwiches right in front of you, and on one wall is large Pittsburgh themed mural. It would be hard to find somewhere where French fries move faster. They sell t-sirts with their slogan: Almost Famous, and the steak and cheese is the "No. 2 Best Seller."

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