A movie rating. Really young children should probably stay away from PG movies, but of course they go anyway. PG movies tend to be better because they're not full of censorship.

PG:"Parental Guidance Suggested. Some Material May Not Be Suitable For Children."

This is a film which clearly needs to be examined or inquired into by parents before they let their children attend. The label PG plainly states that parents may consider some material unsuitable for their children, but the parent must make the decision.

Parents are warned against sending their children, unseen and without inquiry, to PG-rated movies.

The theme of a PG-rated film may itself call for parental guidance. There may be some profanity in these films. There may be some violence or brief nudity. But these elements are not deemed so intense as to require that parents be strongly cautioned beyond the suggestion of parental guidance. There is no drug use content in a PG-rated film.

The PG rating, suggesting parental guidance, is thus an alert for examination of a film by parents before deciding on its viewing by their children. (emphasis added)


pg is the original file pager for UN*X systems. It is less flexible than more (not to mention less), has fewer commands, cannot display the percentage viewed, doesn't handle SIGWINCH (and therefore doesn't respond to window resizing). But all major vendors supply it. No doubt it's backwards compatible with some heap of junk or another.

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