A term referring to the lacerated, sorry state of one's hands after working inside a computer for a while. They range from little nicks to those sinister deep gashes that you barely feel at the time, and only notice when you spot the drops of blood on the hardware you're trying to install.

This is especially a problem with old PC cases. Watch out for:

- the edges of the case when you're jamming it back on (ow!)
- the solder spikes on the bottoms of cards (poke poke!)
- those rail things that you slide the case on. (nasty!)
Also a term for symptoms resulting from typing too hard, too fast. Symptoms include cracked nails, bleeding from the cuticles, swollen joints in the fingers, and of course various cases of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and RSD. Solutions include wearing wrist braces, liberal application of NewSkin to the fingertips, warm and cold compresses, and in extreme cases performing surgery.
Remember people, take care of your hands and they won't let you down.

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