Ozfortress is an Australian online gaming community based around the Team Fortress series of computer games.

Currently, Ozfortress holds competitions for the game Team Fortress 2. The competition operates on a ladder system, which is divided into two divisions. In either division, teams consisting of six or more people are given a position on the ladder. Their position is based on the number of accumulated points. Teams gain points by defeating other teams during each round of the competition. At the end of the season, the team with the most points is declared the winner of their division. Promotional competitions are occasionally held through Ozfortress, such as the recently concluded Foosh Invitational, which was sponsored in part by Foosh Energy Mints.

In addition to the ladder competition, the Ozfortress website allows access to resources and media related to Team Fortress games (including Team Fortress Classic and Fortress Forever). Ozfortress also has a popular forum feature, where members are encouraged to discuss aspects of each game (most prominently Team Fortress 2) and provide feedback to shape the format and rules of future Ozfortress competitions.

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