Over-Nite Sensation was a 1973 album release by Frank Zappa. It contains one of my favorite Zappa tunes, I'm the Slime. Most of the songs were destined to never appear on radio playlists - too sexual in nature for their time. While the music here is often very good, Zappa's lyrics do not always measure up.

While the lyrics are generally designed to appeal to the male teen college crowd, I'm the Slime is a precious snippet of social criticism. Zappa skewers the television industry with a spoken-word delivery dripping with evil - juxtaposed with a chorus of Motown or Philadelphia soul female backup singers (allegedly Tina Turner and the Ikettes).

Camarillo Brillo still stands as a lampoon of the new age, managing to combine the Tarot, voodoo dolls, and The Toads of the Short Forest. It ends with the humorous aside, "Is that a real poncho...I mean is that a Mexican poncho or a Sears poncho".

50/50 features Zappa singing the chorus in his best Jim Morrison voice. There's also some nice instrumental work here - I especially like the violin.

Montana has Zappa raising a crop of dental floss and riding the range on his pygmy pony. Some very nice guitar work.

Over-Nite Sensation and Apostrophe are sold as two albums on one CD. It is sometimes mistakenly listed as Overnite Sensation and the CD improperly spells it Overnight Sensation .

Album tracks

Camarillo Brillo 3:59
I'm the Slime 3:34
Dirty Love 2:58
50/50 6:10
Zomby Woof 5:10
Dinah-Moe-Hum 6:03
Montana 6:36

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