So I meet this girl. I'll call her Madison. She's this tall blonde with an incredible face and body and she's... well, an escort. I meet her while partying with a few friends of mine one night in the city, and ask her if she'd like to hang out with us.
She has this calm, cool smile on her lips and tells me she has some business to do during the first half of the evening, but after that she was free.
We exchange numbers and she does end up calling later that night, and comes over to the house we're hanging out at with another female friend of hers.
There are about six of us total, just hanging out and chatting while we snort shards here and there. (I'm not condoning this, it was just what I was doing in those days.)
The drugs make us very chatty, obviously, but Madison manages to keep her cool the whole time. She's 22, but going on 40 it seems to me, learning a little about her life and how she ended up where she was then. There are a few guys hanging out with us, but by mid-morning the next day she and I decide to go hang out together.
She drops her friend off at an apartment where several other beautiful girls are chilling, and then she and I head to the mall.
On the way there we talk about her business, and she tells me all of the positives about it and how she very rarely encounters problems. She had several loyal clients, and told me that sometimes she even forgets to pick up the cash left for her- she made great money ($400 an hour) and truly enjoyed all of the sex she was having. Her business partner, a man we'll call Allen, was an older gentleman who was well-off and had been looking to start an escort service when they originally paired up.
Allen calls her a few times while we're together, but she basically seems to be dismissing him for the day. I'm flattered by this, not to mention the fact that she appeared to be coaxing me to get into the business. (I entertained the thought but ultimately knew it wasn't something for me.)
She's a little irritated with Allen by the time we get to the mall, so she's looking to spend some cash. We go to Victoria's Secret and she picks out numerous things to purchase. I notice a very sexy lacey pink nighty hanging up and point it out.
"Go get it. I'll get it for you," she says serenely as we approach the check-out line.
"Oh no, couldn't-"
"Go GET it." She says firmly. I shut my mouth and grab the garment, wondering briefly what the cashier thought of the loads of clothes Madison was purchasing.
After this, we head to my apartment, which is a good 45 minutes out of the way. It's dark outside again. We're in her Escalade, so eventually I'm gonna have to go all the way back for my car. As long as it didn't bother her, I was cool.
Once we arrived at my place, Madison decides to take a bath. I can hear the water running as I check my e-mail, and while writing back to an old friend I hear my name being called out from the bathroom.
When I go to her she asks me to get into the bath too. Her beautiful frame sitting in the bathtub was a sight. I take off my clothes and join her, and slowly we begin massaging each other's soft bodies. Her breasts are very big (bought), and I press my face up against them in the warm water.
We get out of the tub and Madison declares that we should try on our new lingerie. The pink number fits me snugly, but nicely, and she looks gorgeous in a plum-colored two-piece that left her mid-driff show.
We did not stay in these clothes for long. We begin making out and she takes off my nightie deftly as we're sitting on my bed. She leans me back onto the pillow and begins to go down on me, her soft lips feeling heavenly against my lower lips and clit. At one point she pulls out a small device of some sort and fastens it to her tongue. She goes down on me again, this time with the device vibrating against my clit. It doesn't make much noise but I do. I'm moaning with pleasure.
Next it's her turn. I caress her long body and go down on her, her clit wet and sweet to taste. Her moans are softer than mine, and plentiful.
Afterwards we head back into the city. We pick up my car and I follow her to her and Allen's place, which is a beautiful home set back in a very wooded subdivision. Allen's not there, so I hang out for a little while and check out all the terrific artwork hanging up around the house.
But it's time for me to leave. I have work the next day. We say our goodbyes and I head back home, in awe of the experience I'd had that weekend. Although we talked on the phone a few times after that, we never ended up hanging out again. She was very focused on building her business, and the last time I'd checked her website I noticed that it had grown substantially.

I don't worry
that you won't be my lover.
It's an odd knowledge,
a kind of control- like
in the Indian tale, the sun's
tinder's set, its match
is already crossing the cover.

~from Dance for the Sun, by Terese Svoboda

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