Orgrimmar is a city in the Warcraft universe. It is the home of the Orcs, and is considered by most players to be the capital city not only for the Orcs, but for the entire Horde.

Orgrimmar was founded by the warchief Thrall after the arrival of the Orcs to the continent of Kalimdor. Although it is currently unclear when this happened, it is certain that it happened after the events of Warcraft III and before World of Warcraft. The city is designed to be an impenetratable fortress, surrounded by huge battlements. It was constructed quickly (though effectively) by the combined labor of the Horde, with some Goblin help.

Orgrimmar is set in a valley in the mountains of northern Durotar, in the east of Kalimdor. Its southern gate opens onto Durotar; its western gate opens onto the northeast of the Barrens. The city was named after Orgrim Doomhammer, the former warchief of the Orcish Horde and Thrall’s father.

It is clear that Orgrimmar was built to be a citadel for a people at war, rather than a home for a people at peace. The layout of the city is dictated by the rock walls of the valley in which the it sits; war machines are strewn about the city. Most buildings are built in the standard Orcish construction style of short, wooden, and covered in spikes.

Orgrimmar is divided into six sections:

Until recent patches, Orgrimmar was by far the most commonly used city by Horde players. This occurred for two reasons. The first was that it was the only Horde city with an auction house, a critical location for any serious player; the second was that chat channels were limited to the area in which players were located. Because of this, players who wanted to find a group or use the Trade channel frequently congregated outside of the auction house. Later patches added auction houses to the other Horde cities of Thunder Bluff and the Undercity, and linked chat channels so that trade and grouping could be conducted between players in different cities. Even so, wandering through the Valley of Strength during peak hours for a server can easily bog down a player’s computer.

Significant locations in Orgrimmar include the auction house, in the Valley of Strength; a flight point located atop a giant tower in the Valley of Strength; Thrall’s Chamber, in a large building in the Valley of Wisdom; and Ragefire Chasm, a dungeon in the depths of the Cleft of Shadow.

Trainers found in Orgrimmar:

Trainers not found in Orgrimmar:

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