2011 marked the 100th anniversary of Oregon’s “Blue Book” which is published by the State Archives, a Division of the Oregon Secretary of State Department. The printed version of the book is produced every two years, but the online version is updated frequently—and it’s free (see below for link).

You want to know what the State Insect is? You want to know what the State Tree is? You want to know what the Official Dance of Oregon is? And how about which Oregonians have won Olympic Medals? It’s all in the Blue Book!

And if you want to know about some of Oregon’s famous sons and daughters? That too is in the Blue Book! The FACTS/Notable Oregonians section includes biographies on such luminaries as Actresses Kim Novak, Jane Powell, and Ginger Rogers, Nobel Winner and Chemist Linus Pauling, Physicist and Nobel Winner Carl Wieman, and Cartoonist Matt Groening of “The Simpsons” fame.

The Blue Book also contains information on Local, State and National Government and Politicians, State Agencies, Cultural and Educational information and other Resources, and the online version has a section for kids of all ages. The Search feature of the online version allows you to search just the Blue Book or gives an option to include the Oregon Archives in your search. In addition, the Search page provides links to other online Oregon sources, such as Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs), Oregon Historical Records, etc.


Adopted in 1927 as the Official State Song
(Words by John A. Buchanan of Astoria and Music by Henry B. Murtagh of Portland)

Land of the Empire Builders, Land of the Golden West;
Conquered and held by free men, Fairest and the best.
On-ward and upward ever, Forward and on, and on;
Hail to thee, Land of the Heroes, My Oregon.

Land of the rose and sunshine, Land of the summer's breeze;
Laden with health and vigor, Fresh from the western seas.
Blest by the blood of martyrs, Land of the setting sun;
Hail to thee, Land of Promise, My Oregon.

Oregon Blue Book
Info on Blue Book (and more) from Secretary of State’s Main webpage

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