With every tweet, a piece of privacy is lost, every day, while no one is watching.

Just today, when introducing someone to the pleasures (or rather, in his opinion, the dangerous and scary tar pit) of instant messaging, I encountered it again. "Don't you feel constantly monitored, using this? With everyone knowing when you're using the computer." Actually, no - I grew up with IM and mobiles, so I don't even think about it anymore. Scary.

The same is happening again, and again, and again... with social networking, blogs, vlogs, twitter and the next big thing (tm) advancing, the online trail is starting to resemble the whole life pretty well. And no one cares, because it's happening in increments seemingly small compared to the advantages of the shiny new application you can use.

And what do freedom-loving politicians think about it it? So what if everyone can know about everything they want about you - if you've got nothing to fear, you haven't got anything to hide. And you know, data protection laws only protect offenders. In the end, it's your freedom to decide to give away any or all aspects of your life.

There's only one point left that lets me sleep at night, thinking about all this. I'm pretty sure there's no one out there who cares enough about me to abuse this power. Tastes like snakeoil.

Day Two of WriteOrDie 20 minutes.

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