"Oniisama E" the name of an obsure manga series by Riyoko Ikeda, later done in animated form by a director well known for his shoujo manga adaptations, Osamu Dezaki.

The title was rendered in English as "Brother, Dear Brother", but more literally means "To My Older Brother". It concerns the experiences of Nanako, a freshman at "Seiran Gakuen", an elite boarding school in a large Japanese city. Rife with sexual ambiguity and intense psychological drama, "Oniisama" is not an anime most otaku would enjoy, given its melodramatic tendencies. However, if you enjoy melodrama and find sadness and transcience inherently beautiful, "Oniisama" is for you.

It was fansubbed in English by the Techno-Girls, an elusive group of shoujo anime fans.

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