A computer software package, developed for the Mac OS, to serve as a macro scripting language.

This package comes with a Control Panel and Extension which allow the user to write short (or very complex) scripts to interact with the operating system and its applications.

Unintended, this program caught on to what you might call the "Macintosh hacking community" on AOL, and the terms "OC" and "scripting" became a very popular front.

To show you the ease of these OneClick scripts, here's a small example:

Variable Foo Times

foo = AskText("What do you want your message to be?")
times = AskText("How many times do you want it displayed?")

If (Foo = "") OR (Times = "")
   Message "You need to enter a value!"
  For Count = 1 To Times
    Message foo
  End For
End If

As you can see, variable types don't need to be defined, just named. The syntax is also very loose, as commas and parenthesis aren't neccessary in areas like a "For Statement".

Since the Macintosh days of AOL, the OneClick craze has somewhat died off. There hasn't been a new release in about 2 years, and I only find myself using it to manipulate text on the clipboard.

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