One of the best new shows from ABC in quite awhile. Calling it a Dawson's Creek for divorced people is doing it a major disservice. Sela Ward plays Lily Manning who is seperated from her husbad. Bill Campbell plays Rick, who is divorced. Early on the show focused on the budding relationship between Lily and Rick but later shows developed the ex's, the children and also Lily's parents. The show is very good in that it deals with only a few people at a time going through normal problems. I don't think any other show has so realisticly discussed divorce and it's effects on the entire family either. IMHO, this is the only drama on network tv worth watching.

I've read several reviews that describe the show as almost reality TV, because the show is so detailed and personal. It's almost like your a peeping tom because it's so authentic. The majority of the plots aren't based around something spectacular, yet are usually very interesting.

The show hasn't been doing very well since it started. Luckily, someone high up at ABC really likes it. Sela Ward won an Emmys and has been nominated twice for her portrayal of Lily. This is probably only stemming the tide though. Once and Again probably won't make it to a fourth season.

The first season focused mainly on the growing relationship between Lily and Rick. The children, siblings and ex's were introduced as well. At the end of the first season their relationship was on the rocks.

The second season focused more equally on all the characters, especially the kids. By the end of the season Lily and Rick were married.

So far, the third season is dealing with the problems associated with creating a Brady Bunch family in the real world.

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