It went down while I was out, and I found her in silence fighting the tears, and ( god help me), I'm off on a roll.

He said that to you?!?
If I was you, I'd call that bastard right back into the room and tell him a thing or two. I'd let him know whose idea it was from the start, and remind him who was all about 'now and forever'. I'd make him admit to being wrong, I'd make him cry, I'd make him feel like the shit he is for leaving you.

Ya know? If I were you, I'd do that. I'd make sure I wasn't the only one hurting, I'd throw accusations and tantrums. I wouldn't sit there with an awful grinning grimace and tell me quietly what happened. I'd scream, throw books, point fingers. Get out there and point some fingers, girl!

I see the subtle jerk in her neck, wait for her to force the words through stiffly held composure:

'If you were me', she sighs.
'...But you have different fingers.'

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