There are calendars of many sorts in this world. There are desk calendars. There are wall calendars. There are serious calendars and calendars with little pictures of fluffy puppies on them. Then there is the On the Ceiling calendar. This is a wall calendar. But it is no ordinary wall calendar. It is, in fact, an off-the-wall wall calendar. Hence the name.

These calendars are not to be sampled by the untrained. The sheer ridiculousness of the humour makes them a potential threat to a closed mind. The premise is simple: in the thirties, forties and fifties, there were many adverts featuring very slightly cheesy pictures. These are then dug up, given a little gloss, and put with a ridiculous caption that would not seem to be linked, but that makes you look at the picture again. My personal favourite is one of a boy, sitting with a spanner in his hand, looking up and to the left. Very simple. Very sweet. Little hint of a smile. The caption says: 'Although very impressive, Jimmy had to conclude that his modifications to Granny's stairlift were a touch over the top'.

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