The most primary of all the balancing forces in the universe of men. Used to create a sense of equilibrium, vengeance is and always has been a powerful tool, and like all such tools, should never be handled while intoxicated, either by drugs, or by emotion.

The nature of the vengeance must fit the crime, and the sole reason for the existance of Vengeance is the perception that a crime has been comitted. An Eye for an Eye, and a Tooth for a Tooth, is a good rule, but often inadequate, and impractical for the modern world.

One would advocate a much more subtle strategy of study, determining weak points, leeway, and patterns of thought and action. When the prey is fixed in one's mind, then one simply moves into a position to strike, and waits, like any true predator for the weaklings own motivation to bring it into your trap. Oft times the trap is invisible at first, only revealing itself when closed and tightened, and there is much to this. The better way is of course to allow the trap to be seen, and let the prey's own innate qualities draw them into it, letting them know that they are being trapped, and only by themselves. Greed, anger, temptation, there are so many tools one may use, but as a person well versed in these arts, it is best not to speculate, but to experiment.

I will leave to the reader to decide whether to reveal themselves after the act, this is best left to discretionary forces, in some cases it forms the final crushing blow ensuring victory, in others it incites defiance.

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