Ometeotl was an important Aztec god who lived in the highest of the heavens known as the Place of Duality. To the Aztec people, Ometeotl represents duality, fire, and time. Ometeotl was known as two deities(a male and a female), Tonacatecuhtli and Tonacacihuatl, locked together in coition. Ancient Aztec people credited him/her with the creation of the world, however he/she only created the rest of the gods and they did the actual work of making the world.

He/she had four sons who were Red Tezcatlipoca-god of agriculture, Black Tezcatlipoca- sometimes called just Tezcatlipoca, White Tezcatlipoca-also known as Queztalcoatl, and Blue Tezcatlipoca-the protector of the Aztecs. Each of the sons were associated with a direction: East, North, West, and South, respectively. Ometeotl himself/herself represented the base of all directions.

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