A hero group published by DC Comics. The Omega Men were created by Marv Wolfman and first appeared in Green Lantern #136 in 1981.

For years, comics writers have told tales of groups of super-powered warriors who fight for truth and justice, protecting the world from evils from within and without. It was only a natural progression that writers began to introduce heroes who live beyond Earth and fight for justice on their planets. In the DC Universe, one of these groups of heroes comes from the star system Vega and are known as the Omega Men. Introduced in 1981, the Omega Men were a rag tag group of heroes who fought for the freedom of their star system after it was taken over by a group of other alien races collectively known as the Citadel. The team members were varied and the membership of the team fluctuated as members left on personal quests, or even injury and death. One of the things that made the Omega Men different from many superhero teams was then amount of infighting the group experienced. Many of their worst conflicts came from internal power struggles, rather than from without.

The Omega Men appeared in the comics of Green Lantern and the Teen Titans and was also one of the first places that Lobo appeared. The group played a part in the Invasion story line that DC produced in which a collection of aliens invaded the Earth to be turned back by Earth's heroes. During that storyline, many of the Omega Men were killed.

Some of the main members of the Omega Men were:

  • Primus - Leader of the team, though this was a frequent point of contention with another of the Omega Men Tigorr. Primus had telepathic and telekenetic powers and was the husband of Kalista, another of the Omega Men. Primus was killed during the Invasion story line.
  • Kalista - Wife of Primus and queen of the planet Euphorix. Kalista possessed magical abilities that allowed her to cause great damage but with varying effects.
  • Tigorr - A warrior with the ability to turn into a giant cat creature, Tigorr often battled Primus over leadership of the Omega Men, often believing in a more aggressive plan than his rival. Tigorr was the last of his race with the ability to shift form.
  • Broot - Born of a race of huge, super strong beings, Broot went against their pacifist teachings to fight for the freedom of his people and the Vega system.
  • Harpis and Demonia - Sisters who were transformed by the alien Psions into inhuman forms. Harpis was given wings and an inhuman appearance. She lost her wings when they were torn from her body but later regained them. Demonia possessed the ability to change into a large reptile creature. She betrayed the Omega Men to the Citadal and was killed early in the series by Tigorr for that betrayal.
  • Nimbus - The bulk of the Citadal forces were composed of beings known as Branx warriors. When they died, their spirits took on their own form and were reborn as other Branx warriors. Nimbus is one of these spirits whose cycle has been broken by a Psion experiment. Nimbus possesses great powers over life and death and for a time was merged with the world Kuraq.
Other members of the team came and went including the brother of Teen Titans member Starfire, a mechanical doctor, a being whose race created an impenetrable force field around themselves for protection, and others.

The Omega Men's comic ran for about three years.

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