In the Third Age of the Sun, the ring lord Sauron took the some of the ancient Trolls Melkor had bred in Angband, and from them fashioned another race who were known as the Olog-Hai in the tounge of Mordor. They were like Trolls in size and strength, but faster and more cunning, like the Orcs. Their scaly skin was hard as stone, and they were unafraid of the daylight, which was deadly to the Troll race. Sauron bred them to be fierce, ravening beasts and awesome fighters, hungering for the flesh of their enemies.

Yet strong as they were, the Olog-Hai were destroyed at the end of the Third Age as Sauron was defeated. Without his guiding will, they reeled and wandered senselessly around. Lifting no hand to defend themselves, all were slain or lost. The histories of the Fourth Age of the Sun speak nothing of the Olog-Hai, for thay had vanished from the World forever.

In Nethack, the Olog-Hai are a terrible enemy unless you're pretty high level. They are level 13, with an AC of -4 and three attacks, with the ability to wield weapons. And, of course, being trolls, you have to kill them many times unless you have some means to dispose of the corpse.

Information from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Return of the King, David Day's A Tolkien Bestiary, and Dylan O'Donnell's Nethack spoilers.

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