Old Crow Bourbon - "the original" sour mash bourbon.

Dr. James Crow is often credited with developing bourbon whiskey. In the early 1800s Dr. Crow moved to Kentucky from Scotland and was hired by Oscar Pepper to be his master distiller. Dr. Crow was a physician and chemist, his knowledge of fermentation and sanitation led to his success and the success of his whiskey. After Dr. Crow and Oscar's deaths Old Crow was sold to E. H. Taylor, who build the Old Crow Distillery. Old Crow Bourbon was made there until about 1985.

During most of its history it competed with other top brands of bourbon. Unfortunately bourbon sales fell and in 1987 National Distillers (who came to own the Old Crow Distillery) was bought by Jim Beam.

Jim Beam immediately closed the distillery. What is sold now under the Old Crow name is basically the same as Jim Bean White Label. Jim Beam treats it as a "bottom shelf" liquor and as such Old Crow is not made from the best ingredients and is a far cry from what Dr. James Crow invented.

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