Ode to an office lemming

Oh lemming, ever are you useful,
Rarely do you deserve the boredom
That you so often feel.
Scarcely is daily bullshit deserved
Yet you still endure
Stapling those docs,
Filing those forms,
Filling folders, shredding paper
Though your productivity is scarcely
Noticed, rewarded, or appreciated
This is for you

The cog that drives the engine,
The cell that holds the body together
Without you, offices would be chaos,
Bureaus, directorates, businesses would fail
Keep up the good work
The world needs you

Well, you all clearly hate this one, any advice, critiques, or comments, or is it just going to get downvoted so much that someone decides to delete it? I'd prefer the former, but eh, it's all feedback to me

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