when i was sad
you cheered me up with your
employees and their outrageously
oversized smiley :-) faces
emblazoned on the back of their vests.

and when i was


you made me feel as if
i weren't the only person with
nothing to do at 3:27 a.m.
on a saturday.

i've seen your patrons,
caucasian, black, mexican
all come ~together~ in your
crowded aisles and
unclean bathrooms.

you are not a
discerner of peoples--
FAT woman sitting on a bench,
you let her stay there
and talk incoherently to herself.

lighting up the night skies
with your artifical lights,
the day is e...t...e...r...n...a...l within
the safe confines
of your oh-so-lovely parking lot.

and when i feel like
killing(!) the guy who goes
down the up lane, or vice versa
i look up and see your parking lot police
--he calms my nerves, and ends my homicidal thoughts.

i love you! you never leave me...
when the world has betrayed me
i can always count on my wal-mart
to be there for me...

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