This is a very very silly poem.. please ignore it and it might go away... ;)

ode to my beverage of choice - Dr. P,
so akinned to that Master P  - coz you make me wanna go 'Uhhhhhhhhhhh!'
                                                          'n-n-na na na!'

first encounters,
are always love hate with you,
some go 'ewww'.

some go 'Ahhh',
some call their Ma's, 
          their Pa's  - from their cars.

you sassy sasperilla,
the definitive cola killa.

you were never one to be overtly serious,
which is something I can relate to,
adore and elate to,
let me get straight to - the point

your adverts make me giggle,
burst out into laughter fits
your dieted brother's taste wasn't the pits.

Dr. Pepper - I hold thee above all other molasticated liquids

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"They'll drink anything of the sort,"
Dr. Pepper yelled with a snort.
     "I'm sure I can take, oh,
     All the prunes here in Waco,
And sell them a swill for the sport!"

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